The Hello world post is the standard first post on every WordPress install.  I wonder how quickly they get deleted.  I know that it is usually one of the first things I delete on a new WordPress site.

It is practically useless, kind of like the Hello Dolly plugin that comes default with every WordPress install.  I always delete that too.

I decided that with this new install, that I wouldn’t delete it, but would just modify it.  This site is Welcome to the Planet, and the post is Hello world…seemed to fit.

I am hitting reset on my blog again(long story that bears no telling here).  I am hoping to be a bit more focused this time.  Hoping.  I will be mostly writing about design, code with a little life and ministry thrown in.  Basically the things that I am involved in on a regular basis.

I hope this is interesting.  I hope that this is interesting to me.